AI Conference Brings Together Leading Industry Experts

Leading AI IN experts and professionals from the country’s leading companies and universities discussed the growing role of AI in medicine, oil and gas, energy, and fintech industries at Innopolis, which organised the event.

The discussions were held with the participation of Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov, Andrey Sebrant and Alexander Krainov, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Alexey Sidoruk and other well-known AI specialists.

TV BRICS became the general media partner of the conference.

Iskander Bariev, First Vice-Rector – Deputy Director – of Innopolis University, emphasised that AI has moved from the theoretical to the practical sphere, becoming integral to various technological developments and products. He noted that the Russian Federation is among the advanced countries using AI.

“Judging by the density of the business programme and the quality of discussions, I can confidently say our conference has become an important platform for sharing experiences with international experts,” stated Bariev.

Conference participants could see Russian neuro-artists’ projects and Innopolis University’s AI developments, including a vertical take-off and landing UAV and a portable fluorograph that processes data using AI.

Developers of AI startups briefly presented their projects to potential investors. The jury members selected the most promising ones, which are henceforth granted various important preferences, including tax benefits, the most favourable HR programmes and the possibility of retraining and advanced training for employees, contacts with the professional community, unlimited access to partner services, the Innopolis SEZ, and much more.

African Times published the article in partnership with International Media Network TV BRICS.



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