BRICS Media Take Part In An International Media Forum In Cuba

The event is dedicated to media communications in the modern world, as well as building a unified international information space⁠. Photo: Tv Brics.

Representatives of 34 countries met in Cuba during the international journalism forum “New Operation Truth”. The event was timed to coincide with the anniversary of Prensa Latina, the largest Latin American news agency, Cuba’s main media outlet, and a partner of TV BRICS.

The forum is dedicated to media communications in the modern world and building a unified international information space. The forum is attended by a delegation of TV BRICS – Anastasia Shishkalova, Head of International Projects of TV BRICS, and Daria Ivankova, Director of the International Cooperation Department, who will present the network’s work on interaction with the national media of the BRICS countries, Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Among the guests of the event are Luiz A. Erthal, editor-in-chief of Toda Palavra, a partner of TV BRICS, Amin Cruz, president and founder of the Congress of Latin American Press, Javier Antonio Larrain Parada, editor-in-chief of Correo del Alba magazine, Chen Jun, general director of Xinhua Latin America, Ayman Grease, editor-in-chief of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Seyassah, Mahamed Ahmed Abdillahi, head of media relations at the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (Ethiopia), Faisal Falah Alharbi, Saudi Ambassador to Havana, as well as media representatives from Portugal, Spain and other countries.

“Reporters and journalists from 30 countries are attending the event. We need to learn how to quickly recognise disinformation due to the rise of fake news. That is why this forum is more relevant than ever,” said Jenaro Villamil Rodriguez, president of Mexico’s state broadcaster Sistema Publico de Radiodifusión de Estado Mexicano.

Nelson del Castillo, secretary general of the Latin American Federation of Journalists said, “Such meetings allow us to bring together media professionals from different countries who are in favour of truth and honest journalism.”

The first Operation Truth forum was held in 1959 and was inspired by Cuban revolutionary and former leader Fidel Castro. It was designed to communicate Cuba’s position to a global audience. This meeting aims to make the voices of Latin America and the Caribbean heard in the international information space.

As a reminder, TV BRICS and the Latin American news agency Prensa Latina signed a co-operation agreement in 2022. The parties exchange news and video content, as well as other analytical materials in English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

TV BRICS is actively developing relations not only with media outlets in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also with ministries in the region. For example, last year the media network signed co-operation agreements with the Cuban Ministries of Education and Higher Education.

The main goal is to implement joint information, awareness-raising and educational projects that contribute to strengthening the foreign policy positions of Cuba, Russia and the BRICS countries and their image on the world stage.

In an exclusive interview with TV BRICS, Cuban Minister of Education Naima Ariatne Trujillo Barreto spoke about the reform of the Cuban education system, while Minister of Higher Education Walter Baluja Garcia spoke about the development of programmes for the joint training of new personnel in Russia and Cuba.

African Times published this article in partnership with International Media Network TV BRICS.



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