Egyptian President Al-Sisi Stresses Importance Of Economic Reforms And Industrial Localisation

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi addressed the nation, stressing the importance of economic reforms and industrial localisation as key priorities of his new term. He emphasised the government’s commitment to supporting the private sector and providing social protection for vulnerable groups. This is reported by Daily News Egypt, a partner of TV BRICS.

He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to political openness and reform, particularly in empowering youth and advancing women’s rights.

Looking to the future, President Al-Sisi outlined the main priorities of his new term, including economic reforms, agricultural development, attracting foreign investment and providing social protection for vulnerable groups. He also pledged to prioritise access to quality education, health and housing for all Egyptians, as well as to pursue a balanced foreign policy based on national security interests and the pursuit of comprehensive peace and justice.

In conclusion, President Al-Sisi expressed confidence in Egypt’s ability to overcome challenges and realise its aspirations, guided by a shared vision for the homeland.

African Times published this article in partnership with International Media Network TV BRICS



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