Horrifying numbers of children killed in Sudan

THERE are shocking revelations of 190 children killed and 1 700 injured during the ongoing conflict in Sudan.The toll could be higher as the numbers received by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) only cover the period from the start of the fighting, April 15, until April 25.

“As feared and as warned, the situation in Sudan has become fatal for a frighteningly large number of children,” said UNICEF spokesperson, James Elder. The figures released on Friday are frightening.

On average, every single hour over this first 11-day period of fighting, seven children have been killed or injured. Elder noted that these reports of children killed or injured are only those who had contact with a medical facility.“So, as ever, the reality is likely to be much worse,” the envoy said.

He said while these reports only cover the first 11 days of the conflict, children were now living amid terrifying violence for threeweeks in Sudan. “Places where they simply must be safe – homes, schools and hospitals – have consistently come under attack, and continue to do so.”Earlier this week, UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell, had warned the situation in Sudan was “teetering toward catastrophe, and children are increasingly caught in the crossfire.” “UNICEF also calls for a long-term political solution to the crisis, so that Sudan’s children can grow up in an environment of peace and look ahead to a more hopeful future,” she appealed. Sudan is besieged by conflict pitting the Sudan Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum. Over 500 people have been killed.

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