Madagascar’s Energy Transition Accelerated

THE launch of Madagascar’s flagship infrastructure project paves the way for the acceleration of a scheme to provide access to electricity for more than 2 million citizens. That equates to approximately 8 percent of the island country’s population.

Upon completion in 2028, the Vobe Among project is also anticipated to
speed Madagascar’s energy transition with up to 750 GWh produced
renewably per year. This amounts to about 40 percent of yearly energy

It will create approximately 1 500 direct and indirect jobs as well as
accelerate the economic integration and development of the Volobe
region, in the east.

This will partly be through the repair of the 26km main road that is the
area’s primary access and the installation of a 150-metre bridge across
the Ivondro river.

The Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons, Andriamanampisoa Soloniaina
Rasamoelina, presided over the signing of the Power Purchase Agreement
(PPA) between Compagnie Générale d’Hydroélectricité de Volobe (CGHV) and
Jirama as well as the Concession Agreement between CGHV and the Ministry
of Energy and Hydrocarbons.

The signing stage was successfully completed thanks to the shareholders’
diverse and complementary expertise, including Axian Energy, a prominent
contributor to Africa’s energy sector and the companies’ partners.

“The development of our economy requires modern, reliable and clean
infrastructure,” said Benjamin Memmi, Chief Executive Officer of the
AXIAN group’s energy cluster.

“Our collective growth must be inclusive, creating a positive impact in
the service of communities. A strong public-private partnership is key
for rapid development. GHV and the Malagasy government are the perfect
illustration of this winning reality for the country.”

The project is to enhance the completion of the government’s objective of reducing marginal cost of electricity to a quarter of the current unit cost price.

As a designated project in Madagascar’s Low-Cost Development Plan
(LCDP), launched in November 2018 and revised in 2022, Volobe Amont is a
top-priority project for Madagascar and is anticipated to have a
positive and sustainable impact both nationally and at the regional

– CAJ News



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