Namibia aims for global-preferred ICT destination status

THE public and private sectors must collaborate to enable Namibia to fulfil its desire to become a world-preferred destination for the offshoring of information and communication technology (ICT) services. This is the advice of an executive at one of the Southern African country’s largest ICT-services providers.

Kehad Snydewel, director of Green Enterprise Solutions, spoke after ICT Deputy Minister, Emma Theofelus, recently stated the country’s ambitions to be the globally-preferred hub. The deputy minister explained that this would be achieved by reviewing, drafting, and accelerating the policies and legislation that govern ICT-activities.

Snydewel believes this is not surprising as ICT was important to the Namibian economy.

“With the development of our economy, it has also become a necessity,” he stated.

“We have seen that technology drives innovation and can catapult countries to the forefront economically, empowering people.”

Therefore, Snydewel said, businesses must be ready and willing to work together with government and external parties.

“We must be the obvious choice to work with, creating local partnerships to pool knowledge and expertise.”

Snydewel said sector specific ICT-knowledge will be essential as will embracing Artificial Intelligence and all other innovations.

“Why have foreign ICT companies come in and do the work when we have our own experts and professionals?” he quipped. “All of whom have the same certifications and qualifications as
consultants from abroad,” Snydewel said.

He noted Namibia seems to be on the cusp of an economic revolution, the prospects for oil and the development of Green Hydrogen activities having made the country feel like real change is imminent.

“With the prospect of oil and green hydrogen comes the responsibility as a nation to harness it, use it for the benefit of our own people and leverage external expertise for our nation’s gain,” the executive said.

He noted that building the economy, not just the oil and gas sector, would require real computing power as well as broad ICT-expertise.

“With the Ministry of ICT positioning itself and the nation through legislation we can ensure that we do indeed become a ‘world preferred destination,’ when it comes to all things ICT,” Snydewel said.

– CAJ News



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