New software solution for Kenya businesses

PESAPAL is rolling out its Openfloat solution in Kenya, pledging an effective offering to manage expense payments across multiple channels, recipients and currencies.

A leader in building payments and business tools for Africa, Pesapal, said the rollout followed extensive market testing with merchants in retail, hospitality and transport sectors in East Africa’s largest

Tests, according to the company, showed that these businesses could half the amount of time taken each month to process their expense payments.

KENYAN executive Peter Benga, Business Development Manager, tries out Pesapal

Openfloat’s capacity for real-time visibility and cash flow control also proved popular, it added.

Pesapal reports that in the current economic climate, all businesses are looking to do more with less, through a close watch on expenses.

Pesapal’s market research shows that not tracking and analysing expenses and paying for too many separate services, are common pain points for Kenyan businesses.

“Paper-based expense processes are a minefield for errors and fraud,” said Pesapal Chief Executive Officer, Agosta Liko.

“With Openfloat, businesses can track their spending 24/7 and remotely if they want to. Our design ethos on this, and all our products, is simplicity, accessibility and affordability.”

Openfloat is said to allow approved business managers to customize expense processes with automatic payments, recurring transactions and alerts for unusual activity.

This automation is anticipated to drive greater productivity among managers and staff.

Liko sees no reason why business in Africa should be excluded from improving productivity through better decision-making and automation.

“We believe Openfloat is a game-changer for African businesses and are excited to include it in our suite of business tools,” Liko added.

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