Rape-Accused ANC Councillors Face Party DC

Two ANC councillors facing separate cases of violating children will face internal disciplinary proceedings for allegedly undermining the reputation of the party. The two, one from Matlosana in the North-West and the other from Kriel in Mpumalanga, have both been arrested and charged with rape and attempted rape, respectively, amongst other charges.

According to police, the Matlosana councillor, 43, was arrested after a video of him raping two boys went viral on social media. The councillor was not asked to plead to charges of statutory rape and others relating to child pornography when he appeared in the Oakney Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

He was remanded in custody to enable him to get leg representation. His case was postponed to May 17 for possible bail application. Mpumalanga police spokesperson Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said the Kriel councillor, 39, is accused of attempting to rape his friend’s 12-year-old niece on the night of May 5.

“The councillor reportedly visited his friend where they had a couple of drinks. It is further alleged that whilst still in the house, the councillor allegedly made some inappropriate sexual comments towards the 12-year-old girl.

“Thereafter the two friends went out for leisure at a certain tavern nearby. The mother of the girl had reportedly gone to work hence the girl as well as her 26-year-old elder sister are said to have been temporarily left to stay with their uncle, who is the councillor’s friend,” said Mohlala.

Mohlala said the councillor allegedly snuck out of the tavern and left his friend with other patrons.

“At about 23h30, the elder sister alleged that she heard somebody breaking into the house. She further alleges that the person tried to open her bedroom door which was fortunately locked. She then immediately called a friend and requested him to immediately alert the police.

“The man allegedly assaulted the teenage girl and tried to rape her. Whilst still in a state of shock, the elder sister reportedly heard her younger sister calling for her uncle to rescue her. The report further states that the intruder responded by saying that the uncle was not in the house,” he said.

It was at that moment that police arrived on the scene, causing the suspect to attempt to flee half naked, said Mohlala.

“The intruder reportedly abandoned what he was doing and escaped through the window, leaving behind his T-shirt as well as his mobile phone. Police went after the suspect and caught him.

“According to the report, the man was wearing a pair of blue jeans as well as brown shoes without a top when he was cornered. He was charged accordingly. It is also reported that the suspect further sustained some injuries in the head,” Mohlala said.

“As the police went through the scene during the course of the probe, they came across some blood drops in the house as well as on the window. The suspect’s car was also found about 50 metres away from the house.”

ANC national spokesperson Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri said the party found the alleged acts of the two leaders “despicable and barbaric.”

“The abuse and exploitation of women and children are an intolerable affront to the values of the ANC. The ANC commends its two provinces of Mpumalanga and North West for decisive and expeditious responses against this un-ANC behaviour by invoking rule 25.17 of the ANC Constitution,” said Bhengu-Motsiri. 

The ANC’s rule 25.17 involves disciplinary action taken against those who undermine the party and whose actions result in a negative public perception of the organisation. The spokesperson added that the ANC had “no room for abusers who masquerade as cadres.”

“The ANC expects its members and public representatives to demonstrate the highest level of ethical conduct and morality that is befitting of the leader of society. Abusers have no place in the ANC.

“As a country, we cannot allow thugs who have no respect for human dignity and life to continue abusing, raping and exploiting children and women in the belief that they can get away with it. We must isolate and expose those among us who prey on those who cannot defend themselves,” Bhengu-Motsiri said.



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