War Wrecks Sudan Preparations For Farming Season

A DISASTROUS food shortage crisis is looming in Sudan as conflict disrupts preparations for the planting season. At this time of the year, farmers usually prepare for the season but this year it is nearly impossible to access seeds and agricultural inputs due to a breakdown in critical supply chains, insecurity and

This is the aftermath of the civil war that ensued in April. The warning by a humanitarian group also comes as Sudan is already into the typical lean season period (June to September).

Robert Vokes, Mercy Corps Director of Programmes for Sudan, said many
farmers risk missing this crucial planting season, particularly in regions considered the country’s breadbasket.

“If we don’t get seeds to farmers now, we are approaching a catastrophic
food crisis in the months ahead,” he said.

More than 1,65 million people have been displaced, including more than
1,2 million within the country. Humanitarian needs are projected to grow exponentially among populations that were already severely food insecure and had limited ability to cope before the war began.

Vokes said two months into the crisis, the escalation of violence in the capital, Khartoum, and other regions like Darfur show no sign of resolution or hope for an end, adding further misery for millions of people already struggling to secure food.

“Displacement levels are alarming and continue to drive humanitarian
needs to unprecedented levels,” he said.

Vokes added that the forthcoming rainy season presents a significant potential threat for disease outbreaks among people in areas where displaced people are seeking refuge.

“Despite efforts to provide aid, humanitarian access remains hampered
and will be further compromised as the rainy season progresses, exacerbating the situation,” said the envoy.

– CAJ News



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